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New strata legislation in WA: How to fulfil the maintenance contractor requirements

Brendan Childs |   Nov 14, 2019 7:30:00 AM


In the coming months, the proposed Strata Titles Act (General) Regulations 2019 will be finalised and delivered to Parliament after extensive community consultation throughout 2018 and 2019. The new laws introduce a comprehensive set of statutory duties for Strata Managers. With better regulation, clear responsibilities and increased accountability, the reforms are intended to lift standards across the board. 

One very important detail in the legislation, that will impact all of WA’s strata managers, is that the legislation requires strata companies to implement a 10-year maintenance plan for their properties. Given the extensive time-span of this plan, it's crucial Strata Managers choose to work with experienced and reliable contractors, such as Higgins Coatings, to ensure the best results.

Finding the right painting and maintenance contractor

There are certain markers that characterise a good choice when it comes to a painting and maintenance contractor:

Commitment to Safety, Quality and the Environment

Look out for companies like Higgins with an Integrated Management System and a tri-certification accreditation in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001. 

This way you can be sure of the overall quality provided, that responsibility is taken to protect the environment and that safety is always top of mind. 

Plenty of experience 

A track record of extensive and exceptional experience is hard to beat when it comes to hiring the best. Be on the lookout for contractors who have specialised experience in strata projects to ensure they understand all the ins and outs required.  

The proof to back it up

A positive referral from a previous client is some of the most reliable evidence that your prospective contractor is a reputable one. An easy place to start is case studies or testimonials provided by the maintenance contractor or talking to your Strata Manager peers and asking for recommendations. 

A focus on quality products

Inexperienced contractors may use cheaper trade products to provide 'cost savings', but as you can imagine, these products also tend to be much lower quality and therefore less durable. Low and behold, initial cost savings become cost leaks instead, as more maintenance is required.  

On the flip side, a reputable contractor will help you to select the right high-quality products that are appropriate for the surface, the environment and the job at hand - providing you with years of satisfaction

Benefits of a long term maintenance plan

Aside from it now being required by law in WA, planning your strata property's long term maintenance has many benefits.

Selecting a reputable contractor and partnering with them on building and painting maintenance means your costs can be spread throughout the contract. This allows for calculable maintenance from both a spending and project management viewpoint. It also enables you to budget over the long term with more precision.

Other benefits of a painting and maintenance contract for your strata property:

  • Confidence that the painted surfaces on your property will be maintained routinely, decreasing the risk of issues like paint breakdown, corrective concrete works or the corrosion of steel surfaces.
  • Straightforward to plan around holidays and other busy periods well in advance.
  • More reliable budget planning because you know the annual costs for the next 5-10 years - no nasty surprises along the way!

Looking for more information on managing your painted strata property? Look no further. Download our Strata Manager’s Best-practice Guide to Painted Properties today. Alternatively, if you would like to talk to our team about how we can best help you implement the changes required by the new reforms, please give our Perth office a call on 08 9441 1500.