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Higgins supports domestic violence victims with DV Safe Phone HQ repaint

Alex Shulman |   Nov 8, 2022 8:43:45 AM

For over 73 years, we've strived to support the communities we operate within. 

Recently, an opportunity presented itself for our Sunshine Coast team to assist DV Safe Phone.

DV Safe Phone is an organisation that collects, repurposes, and gifts mobile phones to victims of domestic violence through first responders. 

Having grown exponentially since its inception 2 years ago, DV Safe Phone was started in a spare room at Ashton’s house.

As the charity grew and more space was required to test mobile phones, so Ashton moved into office spaces offered by generous local businesses.

With the most recent location now up for sale, Ashton decided it was time to find somewhere that he and his team of part-time employees and volunteers could call home for the long-term, so he signed a lease in a building, which also houses the police and agencies who deal with domestic violence in Mooloolaba.

The office space was looking a little tired and desperately needed a freshen-up.

Our Operations Manager Thomas Hitchen determined that we could help and liaised with Dulux to arrange for paint and painting accessories to be donated to DV Safe Phone to enable them to repaint their office without accruing any cost.

Delivery of paint and painting accessories

Dulux Territory Manager Alex Seare, DV Safe Phone CEO Ashton Wood, Higgins Operations Manager Thomas Hitchen

Emboldened by the generous offer, Ashton and his team utilised some downtime on the weekend to commence with the repaint of their new office.

Ashton and his team painting their new office

Ashton and his team performing out of hours work to get the job done

Despite trusting the painting proficiency of Ashton and his team, a day of inclement weather meant we had some painters available - so we sent them to DV Safe Phone's office space to lend some expertise.

Higgins painters providing an internal repaint

Our local painting experts providing their expertise

The result of Higgins, DV Safe Phone, and Dulux working together is a freshly painted office, ready for operations - an outcome that has thrilled CEO Ashton Wood.

"DV Safe Phone really appreciates Higgins jumping to the call to help paint our new offices. The new offices will allow us to help thousands more victims of domestic violence", said Mr Wood.

"The funds saved from Higgins and Dulux’s donation and labour contribution will go directly towards providing even more free mobile phones to victims of domestic violence, as part of their safety and escape plans, to keep them connected to support and keep them safe.”

“Every phone we send out is protecting a life at risk, and we thank Higgins and Dulux for their amazing support in helping us prepare our new space for an ever-increasing demand for mobile phones”, said Mr Wood.

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