Higgins in the community

Alex Shulman |   Sep 13, 2021 12:22:01 PM

For over 70 years, we’ve strived to create long lasting value in the communities we operate in.

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“We’re really proud to be able to support many incredible organisations right across the country,” said National Marketing Manager Nicole Carbone.

“From sporting clubs, to charity groups, to schools, it’s something that we really pride our business on.”

From industry partnerships with Positive Education Schools Association and the Australian School Bursars Association, to the Geelong Cats, Camp Quality, R U OK? and more, we’re committed to giving back wherever possible.

Nepean School in Seaford is a specialist school for students with a physical disability or complex health impairment.

“The majority of our students aren’t able to use speech as their primary mode of communication, so they need to have another mode, either instead of speech or in addition to speech,” Amber Killian, a senior speech pathologist at the school, explains.

“Higgins support Nepean School by helping us build a bank of communication devices.”

The step-by-step communication device donation program helps the students to learn.

“The way that the step-by-step devices work is that the student would have a conversation with their communication partner about what message they would like to put on the device. Their helper puts the message on the device and the student can independently have a voice to share their ideas.”

Another organisation we’re proud to support is the Kawana Surf Club on the Sunshine Coast. Branch Manager Scott McLady shares why it’s important to the team.

“Higgins are very community focused. This is our local club, it’s only a couple of kilometres away from our office, and most of our staff and their families are heavily involved or linked to the club in one way or another,” he said.

“We pride ourselves on supporting local guys and clubs like this that are putting back into the community and educating and training our kids.”

Bob Clements, a life member of the club, said “It shows the sort of culture that Higgins has within its organisation, that it wants to be involved with local community groups.”

“We gratefully appreciate the relationship we have and the ability we have to work together with their people to get a greater outcome for everyone involved.”

Higgins couldn’t be prouder to do our part and give back to some incredible local organisations making a real difference in our communities.