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Spray into Spring

Alex Shulman |   Nov 3, 2023 9:53:05 AM

Following the success of last year's Spray in May Day, we launched Spray into Spring to continue the development of our operations teams.

The national training program featured workshops with experts from paint partners Graco and Dulux, who accompanied our team throughout the country. 

The sessions featured theory focusing on the latest innovations in paint spraying techniques and technologies, before practical hands-on experience across four stations to implement the learnings.

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Graco Business Development Manager Hayden Smythe at Dulux Clayton (VIC) highlighting the FFLP106 spray tip

General Manager of Operations, Nick Higgins piloted the training last year and spoke to the benefits he's observed so far. 

"Since last year's program, we've seen an increase of between 15-20% in spraying across our national workforce - the importance of these training programs cannot be overstated.

Our goal is to offer our team training in the latest painting innovations, technology and skills in the market. Thanks to Graco and Dulux we've been able to do that." 

Graco Business Development Manager Hayden Smythe was essential in the delivery of Spray into Spring, attending all nine sessions across five states. Hayden commented on the impact it has on upskilling the painters.

"We've showcased the very latest equipment to the painters so that they can be more efficient and effective on-site. Given the increase in uptake of paint spraying at Higgins, maintenance of their devices is critically important.

The education we've provided will allow the teams to develop a better understanding of troubleshooting on-site. Preventing off-site servicing will be a big time-saver for Higgins." 

Hayden also highlighted the impact that Graco's innovative tools stand to have on Higgins' operations.  

"The new size FFLP106 & FFLP108 spray tips allow for very accurate coating application to traditionally hard to paint surfaces like handrails, balustrade and window frames - surfaces that Higgins teams may not have sprayed in the past.

We also had a chance to show off our Graco Ultra QuickShot. This portable battery-operated airless sprayer is perfect for those smaller jobs and thrives in tight areas." 

IMG_3939 (1)Tim Stevens overviewing the different Spray Stations 

Dulux was similarly involved with Spray into Spring, sending National Training Manager, Tim Stevens to oversee the workshops.

"At Dulux, we love talking about painting, not just paint. Spray into Spring gave us a chance to connect with some painters who hadn't attended the sessions last year, and for those that had, expand upon their proficiency with paint sprayers."

Tim was effusive in his praise of the national rollout.

"Don't underestimate the elegance of the training plan that was assembled. The senior management of Higgins began planning this over 18 months ago, and have seen some exceptional results since then."

We're excited to be able to deliver increased efficiencies and productivity for our customers and look forward to showing off some of the new tools acquired from Graco.

Below are some highlights from the training program.

Spray Day Melbourne
Spray Day Sunshine Coast
Spray Day Brisbane
Spray Day Sydney
Spray Day Newcastle
Spray Day Adelaide
Spray Day Townsville
Spray Day Townsville
Spray Day Perth