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Spray in May Training Program

Vendel Fresnido |   May 19, 2022 8:28:56 AM

At Higgins, we recognise the value of investing in our people. We understand the pivotal role each individual plays in cultivating a safe and productive work environment. Our ongoing commitment to trade development ignited the launch of our Spray in May Training Program in Melbourne.


The program is part of a Higgins-wide initiative to widely incorporate the use of spray equipment for various painting projects. This is part of our continuous effort to increase productivity and efficiency. We partnered with Graco and Dulux to set up five specially designed workshops that guide our painters through product innovation, preparation, application and maintenance.

Each workshop was structured around practical knowledge, encouraging our painters to gain hands-on experience with the equipment while maintaining a focus on safety and developing best practices that prevent the risk of injury and other hazards.

Higgins General Manager of Operations Nick Higgins sees the growing reception. "Excitingly, we have already seen the positive impact this has had in the field with many of our teams embracing new equipment on projects and the efficiency it drives." 


Throughout the program, 250 Higgins employees and contractors will undergo the training across 9 Higgins branches in Australia.

The program got off to a great start in our Melbourne branch which saw 25 of our leading foremen and head contractors participate and even got the chance to win their very own cordless spray unit supplied by Graco!