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Higgins Cairns assists newest generation of Mural Artists

Alex Shulman |   Dec 20, 2022 9:07:21 AM

At Higgins, we’re no strangers to mural art pieces – just check out our School Mural Project.

So, when Redlynch State College approached us to help them deliver their RACE Visual Arts Mural program, we couldn’t resist.

The Cairns-based school has its cohorts from years 7-10 working on the Mural.

IMG_9646 edit

RACE Visual Arts Students painting Murals

Unphased by the inclement weather, the students have worked through rain, thunder, and lightning in pursuit of their end product.

Higgins Branch Manager Donagh Freestun has applauded the creativity of the students.

"From the get-go the students have worked amazingly well - within the Mural the students are bringing together elements of the school's history, Cairns' landmarks and the beautiful environment surrounding the campus.”

Supporting the Visual Arts students was a choice made by Donagh, who didn’t think twice before organising the paints to be delivered to the school.

“We’ve aimed to create a stimulating environment for learning with our repainting works, so to support the students' continuation of that was a no-brainer.”

mural k edit

RACE Visual Arts Students painting Murals

Creative Arts Teacher Stephanie Webber who has overseen the application of the Mural, commended the assistance provided by Higgins.

“On behalf of myself and the students, we wanted to send a huge thanks for your support.”

“With paint drying on the brushes before they reach the wall, the sweltering heat has provided a challenge – but we’re sure we will overcome it.”

The students have made great in-roads on completion so far and we expect the end product will thrill all within the college.

murale edit

RACE Visual Arts Students Murals

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