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Alex Shulman |   Mar 25, 2024 8:40:58 AM

We recently re-opened the doors of the Higgins Trade Academy, to build on the progress made from the inaugural two-day program held in November 2023.

The February Academy sessions saw 16 Higgins apprentices come together from all over Queensland for two (2) days of training, development, and mentorship in our purpose-built facilities located at our Brisbane branch.

So, what is the Higgins Trade Academy?

Higgins General Manager of Queensland Cameron Steindl shares his vision and some background on the training initiative. 

Senior HR Manager QLD/NSW/ACT, Glenn Minett has been instrumental in organising the training and shared his thoughts about the Higgins Trade Academy.

"The Higgins Trade Academy has expanded since its first two-day program. The more recent sessions focussed on caulking, rendering, texturing, and concrete repairs, as well as getting tips and tricks to help develop apprentices.

It was great to bring together apprentices at different stages of their painting journey and have them learn from each other. We're grateful for the enthusiastic trainers, both internal and external, from companies such as Dulux and The Add Staff Group."


February Higgins Trade Academy attendees

Stakeholder Engagement Manager Nadia Pukallus, from The Add Staff Group, assists apprentices in getting access to a variety of resources and expertise. This helps them to improve their skills and stay up-to-date with industry advancements.

Nadia mentors several Higgins team members who are currently working across our teams in Queensland.

We spoke with Nadia who was present at the recent Higgins Trade Academy.

Nadia P at Trade Academy

Nadia Pukallus with Toowoomba painting apprentice Kayla Wemmerslager whom she connected with Higgins.

"This innovative initiative is designed to nurture the next generation of skilled workers, providing them with invaluable mentorship and guidance as they embark on their career journey.

These gatherings serve as more than just educational opportunities; they foster a sense of community among apprentices, encouraging collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

From mastering essential techniques to leveraging cutting-edge technologies, participants emerge better equipped to navigate the demands of the painting and decorating landscape."

Higgins Trade Academy
Higgins Trade Academy
Higgins Trade Academy
Higgins Trade Academy
Higgins Trade Academy
Higgins Trade Academy

Several of our participants shared their thoughts on the Higgins Trade Academy.

Shaun Ryan – Cairns first-year apprentice

"I've gained valuable knowledge in concrete repair, texture coatings and other remedial repairs, while being shown the proper techniques of our trade. This experience has been extremely helpful and will advance my career."

Shannon Miskin – Cairns second-year apprentice

"I have learned many things that we wouldn't usually learn in Cairns. It has been a great opportunity to learn from other apprentices who have more experience than me. I am grateful for this chance. The teachers have been very knowledgeable and helpful."

Brodie Duncan – Bundaberg second-year apprentice

"The preparation work is crucial in commercial painting, and these sessions have emphasised the importance of it. The trainers have been helpful demonstrating various tips and tricks related to preparation and best practices."

We at Higgins are immensely proud of expanding the Higgins Trade Academy and are committed to continuing to enhance this training initiative in the future.

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