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Higgins commits to campaign for change

Alex Shulman |   Jun 7, 2021 3:54:10 PM

Led by local Business Development Manager Adam Kennie, our Townsville team recently continued in their charitable ways – this time by becoming a sponsor of Kate’s Campaign for Change.

Kates Campaign for Change

The Campaign is run by Kate Pemberton, an inspirational Townsville local who lives with Cerebral Palsy. Kate’s Campaign for Change utilises donations to support those in need and at-risk with ‘Care Packages’.

Beyond the financial contribution made by our Townsville team, Adam and his wife Paula Kennie attended their recent ‘Public Packaging Event’ to assist in the creation of 'Welcome Home Baskets'. The Care Packages we helped to package were distributed to the Australian Red Cross Townsville to support the work they do at the Homelessness Services Hub. Other care packages were delivered to the Townsville Women's Centre to support women and children who access their services.

Kates Campaign for Change 2 

Although our involvement with this wonderful cause has only just begun, we look forward to assisting further and observing the positive change the Campaign has within the Townsville community.