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Higgins Safety Training

Alex Shulman |   Dec 20, 2021 9:12:17 AM

Maintaining the safety of everyone on-site is of the utmost importance at Higgins Coatings - after all our culture of safety is evident throughout all levels of the business.

This is why when the opportunity presents itself to perform safety training emulating real-life scenarios, we take full advantage.

Below are some examples of training sessions that have recently been held across the country to refamiliarise our operations teams' with some potential risks they may encounter on-site.

In Melbourne, our National Health Safety Environment and Quality Manager Ben Cook created a simulated fall from a boom lift. A team of our local painters were required to safely rescue their 'colleague' who was elevated high above the ground in a harness.


After the exercise was complete some representatives from our access partner United Access provided some insights on the hazards involved in the situation to reinforce the learnings.

Further west our Adelaide team focused on several types of mechanical access equipment utilised day-to-day by our operations teams'. Working with our local supplier Access Hire Australia we put the team through some training about how to identify and manage potential risks.

Adelaide Access Training

A key takeaway from the session was that having a detailed working at heights rescue plan is essential to maintaining the safety of all on-site.

Consistent training in risk identification and mitigation enables our operations teams' to be ready for any hazards they may have to navigate while on-site.