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Live project blog - Central Park

Alex Shulman |   May 17, 2022 2:58:25 PM

Our operations team successfully signed the project off with the customer who was pleased with our workmanship and the final product.

10.06.2022 - Project signed off


 Block F in its new colour scheme

20.05.2022 - Haymes Regional Business Manager Graeme Regan talks to the specification used

"We were engaged by Higgins to assist with the paint specification for this complex. Upon initial inspection we could see that all external surfaces were in desperate need of a repaint, with some areas showing breakdown of the previous coatings.

For the façade and walls, we chose Haymes Rendertex Armourguard Low Sheen, a durable water based impact coating designed to provide long term external protection, superior dirt resistance and excellent flexibility to bridge hairline cracks. Haymes Ultra Premium Expressions range was also used for internal common areas.

Haymes Paint is proud to partner with Higgins on this repaint project, working together to achieve an excellent outcome for all stakeholders."

17.05.2022 - Higgins Project Manager Thomas Thorek discusses the project's progress

"The Central Park project has run really smoothly, we've been really happy with how our operations team have conducted the work so far. Blocks D, E & F are complete and have come up really well with their new colour schemes. The customer had certain expectations of the finished product based off of the overlays we provided and we're thrilled with the solution we've delivered and expect the customer will be too.

We encountered an unexpected challenge with access to the rear of one of the buildings, however our access hire partners helped us create a custom solution to overcome the issue."

With just over a month's work left to complete, our Canberra team is feverish about presenting the new paintwork to the customer.

Higgins signage outside Block F


Block G in its new colour scheme

14.04.2022 - Interior Decorator Julie Mirabile talks to the colour palette selected by the client 

"Dea [and I] worked to develop a colour palette with the client, with the use of Photoshop colour overlays assisting the client in visualising their proposed scheme. It's clear the client had good ideas about what colours they wanted, however this site benefited greatly through the creative placement of the colour palette.

Often, with visualising the "future" images, opportunities for improvement become clear. This site will benefit from the additional thought put into the layout and design, and improve its kerbside appeal greatly."

Below you can see an example of what was provided to aid the customer in their decision-making process regarding colours. The image on the left was the existing colour palette and on the right the overlay of the suggested colours. 

21 Beissel St (2)

Block F of Central Park

21 Beissel St 2 (1)

Block G of Central Park

18.02.2022 - Our operations teams has commenced on two of the four blocks

Dea Buchan, Canberra Business Development Manager, provided an update on the works, which have already begun to uplift the facility's appearance.

"Pressure cleaning and painting have commenced on two of the four main blocks, with a continued focus on communication to tenants to avoid disruption to both use and access of the units, and parking. Site meetings are continuing to occur weekly with the Committee Chair to provide updates and ensure that their expectations are being met.

 Following further meetings with the colour consultant, and curation of rendered images to confirm feature wall locations, the final colour plan was signed off by the client, and the application of those changes are already making a huge impact on the building."

04.02.2022 - Project kick-off

Our operations team has arrived on-site and begun preparing for the building washdowns due to be performed prior to repairs and repaints. The repainting project is due to span for multiple months at provide the Central Park apartment complex located at 21 Beissel St, Belconnen. Blocks D, E, F, G of the apartment facility are scoped within our painting maintenance solution that promises to rejuvenate the tired looking buildings.


Block G of Central Park