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Antimicrobial Sanitising: Q&A with Yarra Valley Grammar

Nicole Carbone |   Jun 18, 2020 8:11:00 AM



Yarra Valley Grammar is one of the finest educational institutions in Australia. The independent, co-educational school is located
on 29 hectares in Ringwood, a suburb located 24km east of the Melbourne CBD. Higgins has partnered with the school on several painting projects, and when we were engaged to complete our Antimicrobial Sanitising Service throughout their buildings, we were delighted.

School Principal, Dr Mark Merry shared his thoughts on the Higgins service:

Why was conducting the sanitising service important to your school and the school community?
It was imperative for two reasons. The first is that the school wanted to invest in any precaution which would potentially safeguard the health of the community, both students and staff. The idea of beginning from a bacteria-free baseline from the beginning of student return was an attractive one. The second reason was that we were able to offer an assurance to the whole school community that we were actively working to respond to the COVID 19 problem. This initiative, therefore, addressed both the reality and the perception that the school was being proactive.

Why did you choose Higgins to conduct this service?
The school has enjoyed a very good working relationship with Higgins. Their work on painting maintenance and improvement of facilities has been of an excellent standard. We were therefore happy to accept their advice regarding sanitisation because we have confidence in their work.

What has been the reception of the school community (staff, students, parents) been to the service being conducted?
It was important to convey to the school community the nature of the treatment being used. Once we had established the fact that it was free of harmful chemicals, the community were very supportive of the move.

Do you feel your school is adequately protected now, particularly given the recent COVID-19 cases forcing some schools to shut down?
The critical factor has been the multi-faceted response of the school. The whole school treatment by Higgins, the regular deep  cleaning and the protocols around social distancing and hygiene have all combined to create as safe an environment as possible. In reality, these moves have made the school a safer place than other public areas. It is interesting to note that the incidence of
influenza, colds and other illnesses has decreased markedly in the community this year, so there are broader benefits as well.

What do you feel are the main benefits of having conducted this service?
The Higgins service has allowed us to begin from a ‘baseline’ whereby along with the raft of initiatives we have put in place have offered the best protection available. Importantly it is not only what we have done which is important. It is also important that we are seen to be doing something. Community confidence in this situation is critical. Such initiatives work to provide that confidence.

- Dr Mark Merry - Principal, Yarra Valley Grammar

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