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An investment in the future

Alex Shulman |   Jun 11, 2021 4:54:24 PM


Last year, the Higgins Cairns team donated over $7,000 worth of services to Youth Empowered Towards Independence (YETI), a not-for-profit that supports locals between the ages of 12-25. The Centre offers a safe and welcoming environment and a number of services, most of which are therapeutic or designed to support more vulnerable youths.

“It has been inspiring to see the work that YETI has done throughout the community in providing young people with support services that they otherwise would have had limited access to” says Cairns Branch Manager Donagh Freestun. 

Our donated services included a repaint of YETI’s Cairns-based drop-in centre, which was performed while the centre was closed over lockdown. This, according to YETI spokesperson James Nash, was ideal: “by having Higgins complete the repaint works during this time, it has enabled us to focus more of our resources in providing services during the pandemic and not have to worry about finding temporary locations for our programs.”


2020 was also the year that the Higgins Townsville helped to repaint the Townsville Business Development Centre (TBDC), free of cost. TBDC provides assistance to start-ups and small businesses through training, workshop, and development space. The centre
has proved to play a crucial part in local economic growth, and we were thrilled to offer our services and support.