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School Improvement: 3 School Holiday Spruce Up Ideas

Donagh Freestun |   October 19, 2017 at 1:30 PM

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As a school term comes to an end, it’s not just the students and teachers who are getting tired - it’s the buildings and grounds too.In fact, school improvements can not only lift student and staff morale, they can enhance the overall school’s appearance and reputation. Front entry points, sports arenas and the perimeter boundary are quite often the first touch point for the public and students alike, so it’s well worth keeping these areas maintained, after all, first impressions leave a lasting impression.

In most cases, students spend about a quarter of their school-time hours outside the classroom in areas such as the playground, assembly area and sports arena. These hot spots are a great place to start when it comes to implementing easy and affordable ways to improve your school environment during a holiday break.

Put Some Pressure On It

Nothing brightens up a school building like a coat (or two) of fresh paint. However even a lick of paint requires a clean surface and in some cases, a good clean is all that is needed to bring a dull, stained and drab wall back to life.

Towards the end of the school term, some buildings can start to look a little tired and dirty from student wear and tear, weather, and sometimes tagging or graffiti. For basic cleaning to exteriors and facades, try a soft-bristle cleaning brush or broom with some warm water and eco-friendly detergent. Start at the top of the building and move downwards to reduce streaking and be sure to hose off with clean water.

For a quicker or more robust clean, try getting the area professionally high pressure water cleaned to remove tough stains, graffiti and hard-to-reach areas that require special access. A good pressure clean can transform some dull exteriors and it’s a good way to reveal and assess which buildings require more than just some elbow grease. Even a good clean cannot hide the effects of tired, faded paintwork.

Painting and Colour Techniques

Once you’ve identified which buildings on campus need a repaint, you’ll need to consider your colour options. Repainting the building in the same colour is often a quick, affordable way to enhance the aesthetics, but if you want to transform the look you might want to consider a colour palette that works in with your own school’s colours. If these colours are bold primary colours, consider using them for accent pieces or trims around the exterior of the building, while keeping to lighter shades for larger walls.

Whether you’re painting the external walls, or internal spaces, you should consider the landscape in which the building sits and psychology that colours can have on moods. To create the ideal learning space for students, soft blue tones can psychologically calm the mind and aid concentration, while yellow hues have been attributed to stimulate self-esteem and lift overall spirits. For a contemporary design and look, grey and white tones can accentuate a building’s design and architecture while retaining a modern, timeless exterior. When it comes to colour schemes, some schools even choose to involve the community or the students in the colour-choosing process to promote further involvement and engagement.

On The Path To Better Knowledge

Dress path-lined garden beds by adding new bark or mulch to transform and spruce up school grounds quickly and easily. Look at the condition of the concrete paths and stairs around the grounds and ensure they are in good repair both aesthetically and from a safety perspective.

One quick, easy way to brighten up and revitalise concrete paths is with some high pressure water cleaning and some paths might even be suitable to be painted, but ensure you get advice from a professional painting contractor who has experience in commercial buildings such as schools and government departments.

We have plenty more helpful school improvement ideas and tips to help you manage your school in general in our guide A Guide To School Management. Download it today and learn more!

A Guide to School Management

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