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Higgins Coatings Partners with BlockTexx on Textile Recovery Program

Joanna Forsyth |   Nov 11, 2021 12:51:17 PM

Commercial painting company Higgins Coatings (Higgins) has recently partnered with BlockTexx, Australia’s first commercial textile recovery facility, as part of Higgins’ ongoing commitment to sustainability and the environment.

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Higgins has signed an initial one-year contract with the clean technology company to help divert over 2,000 units of old uniforms from landfill.

Higgins Coatings’ General Manager of Operations Nick Higgins said that signing on with BlockTexx is a logical next step in further improving Higgins Coatings’ sustainable practices.

“As an ISO tri-certified organisation, we have an ongoing commitment to deliver services that protect our people and the environment. We have been working with many different recovery programs over the years to help us divert old paint and materials from landfill, but we have never been able to find a long-term solution for disposing of worn-out uniforms.

“Due to level of chemical residue on painters’ uniforms, it has been challenging to find an organisation that can help us responsibly dispose of these materials. Many organisations we’ve spoken with cannot commit to recycling these materials either due to quantity or the level of chemical contamination without some part of it going to landfill or offshore where there is little to no transparency around the recycling process.

“Partnering with BlockTexx means that we will be able to work together on finding a solution that can handle our complex recycling requirements. We will commence testing recycling uniforms from our Brisbane branch during National Recycling Week (8th-14th November 2021), and once we have confirmed a viable solution, we will look at rolling out this program across all of our branches beyond the initial contract agreement. We’re excited to be working with BlockTexx in helping us on our sustainability journey through new and innovative recycling practices.”

BlockTexx Co-Founders Adrian Jones and Graham Ross said the partnership with Higgins was an opportunity to put their S.O.F.T. (separation of fibre technology) process to the test against paint residue and other chemicals.

“We know our S.O.F.T. process is a viable commercial scale solution for textile waste of all colours and conditions, however the chemicals and stains on the old Higgins uniforms could present a new challenge for our scientists and set up.

“The goal of this project is aligned with BlockTexx’s mission of textile resource recovery. Instead of paint-covered uniforms and rags being burnt or ending up in landfill, they can be turned into high-quality rPET pellets and cellulose that can be used in manufacturing, building and construction, agriculture, infrastructure and textile production.

“We look forward to being able to offer more companies a viable solution to recycle old uniforms into a valuable resource.”

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BlockTexx is a clean technology company that recovers polyester and cellulose from textiles and clothing. BlockTexx’s patent pending process, developed in Australia, combines chemical recovery technology and advanced manufacturing to produce high quality recycled materials of rPET pellets and cellulose powder from unwanted textiles and clothing.

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