Australia's largest painting family since 1949

Alex Shulman |   Aug 2, 2021 8:32:50 AM

Over 70 years ago, Gerry Higgins made a promise in his name. A promise to quality of his work, to his customers and to his family.

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Three generations on, we live by this promise. As a proudly Australian owned and family operated business, we’re focused on a bright future, made possible by the values Higgins was founded on.

Gerry Higgins was born in 1924 in a small town in Ireland. In his early twenties, he came to Australia and founded Gerry Higgins and Co.

“Dad was really the main driver,” said Chairman John Higgins. “He was passionate about growing his business.”

From just one man in a van, Gerry’s uncompromising drive and determination made Higgins what it is today: a service leader with national operations.

With the third generation now working in the business, we’re focused on what’s next, following proudly in Gerry’s footsteps.

“To think Gerry came out here all those years ago with so little, and to build the business that it’s become today makes me very proud,” said National Account Manager Luke Hoppe.

“It was Gerry’s focused and respectful approach to business that resonates within the family and our employees to this day.”

“To work in a family business… It’s very rare. But to continue on what my grandfather started is a real privilege,” said Victorian General Manager Marcus Higgins.

There’s no discounting this privilege: with fewer and fewer family businesses in the industry, our commitment to our family and the future sets us apart, and helps shape the next generation.

General Manager Gerard Higgins said, “It’s still a very young business… I think the average age of the senior management group is between 35 and 40, and I think that just shows there’s a great deal of longevity left in us.”

“I just love that there’s incredible, talented, passionate young people, I see that they are the future.” said John Higgins.

As we look to the 70 years of Higgins, we celebrate the unequivocal mark Gerry made on our business, his achievements, resolve and dedication.

In loving memory of Gerry Higgins (1924 – 2021).