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The psychology of hotel colour schemes

Nicole Carbone |   January 16, 2024 at 7:32 AM

The psychology of hotel colour schemes

Over the last few years, the definition of guest experience has taken on a new, more complex meaning. Where previously guests considered pricing a major factor when selecting accommodation, they are now also prioritising opportunities that enhance their physical and mental well-being.

There are many ways hotels can leverage this new trend to best cater to their guests’ changing needs, such as with premium guest services and facilities. However, in a competitive market, hotels still need to be on the cutting edge if they are going to stand out. One of the simplest ways for hoteliers to achieve this is by choosing the right hotel colour schemes.

It's well known that colour can have a significant impact on emotion, but what emotion do you want guests to associate with your brand? In this blog, we’ll show you how you can use the psychology of colour to boost your hotel’s brand and enhance guest experience.


Neutrals like white, beige and cream are a favourite hotel colour scheme. They are both easy to clean and maintain and colours that almost every guest will like.

Neutrals are also the most versatile when it comes to curating a hotel colour scheme that reflects your brand. By itself, a neutral colour palette can foster a sense of familiarity and tranquillity among your guests and can work well for hotels looking to align their brand with timeless elegance. When paired with contrasting colours, neutrals can help ground a room that features bright accents such as pops of colour or different textures. This is great for hotel brands wanting to balance modern architecture with a sense of timelessness and sophistication.

Earthy tones

Using colours such as browns, greens and terracottas throughout your hotel is a great choice for hotels looking to offer their guests an urban escape. Earthy tones can invoke feelings of warmth and grounding and can also help guests feel closer to nature; they are the obvious choice for eco-friendly hotels.

Coastal hues

Costal-inspired hotel colour schemes that include pale blues, turquoise, sandy beige and crisp whites are a favourite among resorts and beachfront properties. They lend a feeling of serenity and deep relaxation to rooms. Soft blues are also associated with trust and tranquillity. This can help hotels to communicate brand values such as dependability and reliability to their guests.

Bold colours

Hotels seeking to communicate brand values that align with luxury can do so by making bold colour choices throughout their properties. Deep purples and rich reds are often associated with royalty and can invoke energy, passion, and excitement.

Just like white, a bold black can also provide a sharp contrast to any colour. It demands attention and is often associated with hotel brands seeking to convey a combination of luxury and power. When used to offset a monochrome design it can also help create a simple yet impressive atmosphere. It’s wise, however, to keep the use of black to a minimum where natural light is limited.

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