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How to fix cracked paint and other common problems

Brendan Childs |   December 2, 2019 at 8:00 AM

How to fix cracked paint and other common problems

This post is the second in a series, read the first post for 3 common paint problems (like peeling paint) and how to fix them.

As a commercial property manager, it’s your responsibility to keep your property looking up to scratch. A property that is pleasing to the eye will entice new tenants and retain existing ones. But poor workmanship, environmental impacts and the passing of time all have an effect on your property’s paint job. That's why it's essential that you know how to fix cracked paint and other common problems.

While dodgy-looking cracking, chalking or yellowing paint on your property is an inconvenience, it’s not something that can be ignored. By taking care of your unsightly paint problems sooner rather than later, you'll avoid hefty costs down the road.

In this post, we’ll be discussing three typical and all too common paint problems, starting with how to fix cracked paint. Make sure to check out the first post as well for tips on how to address flaking paint, mildew, mould and efflorescence.

Common paint problem #4: Mud cracking

As the name suggests, mud cracking is characterised by deep, irregular cracks that look similar to dried mud. The common reason why your paint may be showing signs of mud cracking is the paint being applied too thickly, including where it has built up in corners.

To fix the cracked paint, remove it by scraping and sanding. Once smooth, prime and repaint with high-quality paint. Be careful not to repeat the mistakes of the past and make sure you're applying thin even coats of paint. Using high-quality paint will help as they have a higher solids count, rendering them more flexible and less likely to crack.

Common paint problem #5: Chalking

Noticed a fine chalky powder forming on the surface of your paint? It's called chalking and a small amount on a newly painted surface is considered normal. However, excessive powder is a concern.

Chalking occurs when paint pigment is released by the paint binders, usually when the binders have been broken down by environmental factors. Chalking is common on light-coloured flat paints and low-quality paints.

You can fix chalking by removing as much of the powdery residue as possible. Scrub and rinse thoroughly. Once the surface is dry, run your hand across it to see if there is any residue remaining. Significant residue signifies a need for further removal, while a moderate amount can be sorted with an appropriate primer or sealer. If little or no residue remains and the paint surface is okay, it can now be repainted with high-quality paint.

Common paint problem #6: Yellowing

As the name tells you, yellowing occurs when paint develops a yellow cast. This is usually seen in ageing solvent-based enamels in white or clear colours and the cause is oxidisation of the paint or varnish. This can be exacerbated by heat from heating ducts or the like.

Oxidisation cannot be stopped. If the paint is in good nick, you can paint over it with top-quality acrylic paint. Sand and clean the surface thoroughly beforehand to ensure proper adhesion. 

It’s time to call in the painting and maintenance experts

Now that you know how to fix cracked paint and other problems, how can you avoid these issues in the future?

Commonplace paint problems can be dodged altogether by working with knowledgeable painting and maintenance professionals who are the masters of proper techniques and use only high-quality paints and materials. Also, consider routine painting maintenance as the best bet for keeping your building's paint in top condition all year round. 

Your paintwork is an investment that needs protecting to ensure the ongoing appearance of your building and reduce future expenses. Learn how to keep your paintwork looking fresh for longer with our handy guide to painting maintenance.

Maintaining Your Painted Property

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