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8 factors that determine the cost of commercial painting projects

Nick Higgins |   November 25, 2020 at 3:37 PM

8 factors that determine the cost of commercial painting projectsUnderstanding the cost of commercial painting projects can be challenging when requirements vary so greatly from one property or project to the next. Whether it’s due to paint quality, access and permits, or additional building repairs, the quote you receive for your current project may be noticeably cheaper or more expensive than your last project. It’s important to understand how the cost of commercial painting is calculated to recognise why this may be the case. Each of the following eight factors has an influence on your final painting quote and can help you determine how your budget is being used to achieve a successful outcome for your building.

1. Quality and type of paint

While paint is one of the smaller items contributing to the overall cost of commercial painting, it is the most enduring aspect of your project, so you don’t want to skimp here. High quality paints and specialised coatings will cost more but deliver a better finish, including protection against elements such as corrosion, marine and industrial environments, weathering, graffiti removing chemicals, impacts or abrasion. Long-term, better paint will also reduce your painting maintenance costs and how often you need to conduct a full repaint.

2. Number of coats

The other crucial aspect of paint that influences the cost of commercial painting is how many coats will need to be applied. If you’re planning a dramatic colour change, more coats will be needed compared to a simple refresh of your existing colour scheme. Not only will the quantity of paint required increase, but so will the work hours needed to apply it, both impacting the final cost.

3. Design

If you have something creative in mind for your building, then this will also influence the cost as the complexity increases. That doesn’t mean you should dismiss a complex design though. The final look can be incredibly striking and be an opportunity for you to set your property apart from the others around it, such as with this unique commercial painting project in Queensland.

4. Access requirements and permits

Commercial painting contractors often need to use specialised equipment to access parts of a site, whether that be the upper levels of a skyscraper or apartment building, or high ceilings above a stairwell. Rope access, swing stages, scaffolding, Elevated Work Platforms and abseil equipment will increase the cost of commercial painting work, but ensure that your project is completed in a safe and timely manner, not only for the workers but also for your staff, customers and pedestrians.

Another consideration is permits to provide access to rail, footpaths, powerlines, roads or other public areas around your property. These cost money and time to obtain. An experienced painting contractor will include an indication of the cost of any required permits as part of your quote.

5. Maintenance problems

There are a number of maintenance problems common to commercial properties that may affect the scope of your project, such as concrete cancer, foundation failure, efflorescence, leaks and lead paint. These issues can affect the structural integrity of your building, the health and safety of staff and customers, and the longevity of your new paintwork if not addressed quickly and before repainting. Thankfully, many commercial painters, including Higgins, have experience repairing building maintenance issues and can include it in the scope of works, saving you the hassle of bringing in multiple contractors.

6. After hours work

One of the benefits of working with experienced painting and maintenance contractors is the option to complete the project after hours. This minimises the disruption to your tenants, however, it does increase the cost of commercial painting projects as workers must be paid to work outside normal business hours. That said, the benefit of allowing businesses to continue as usual will often make the additional cost worthwhile.

7. Heritage listing

If your building is heritage-listed, then you will need to hire painting and building maintenance contractors who have the expertise and experience to work with heritage buildings. Your contractors will need to understand the requirements around approved colour schemes, maintaining earlier paint layers, and working with lead paint or asbestos. In this case, you’re not only paying for the expertise of the contractors, but also for the assurance that they will meet the relevant standards for painting and maintenance work on heritage properties.

8. Project scope

It almost goes without saying that the bigger the scope of your project, the more it will cost. But in the name of having a complete list, we’re including it. Obviously, the more buildings or surfaces that need painting, the more paint required and the more hours needed to complete the job safely and to a high standard. The good thing is that the full cost doesn’t necessarily have to be paid at once. Higgins offers maintenance painting solutions that can spread the project payments over a few years, as well as provide scheduled maintenance to ensure the longevity of your paintwork and property.

Your paintwork is an investment that needs protecting to ensure the ongoing appearance of your building and reduce future expenses. Learn how to keep your paintwork looking fresh for longer with our handy guide to painting maintenance.

Maintaining Your Painted Property

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