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Brookfield Heritage Buildings

This year, Higgins is proud to have repainted four of the buildings in this iconic precinct: Newspaper House (Constructed 1932), The Royal Insurance Building (Constructed 1932), WA Trustee Building (Constructed 1925) and The Perth Technical College (Constructed 1910).

It is among the many heritage projects the Higgins team has completed in Perth over recent years; most recently, our team has also worked on His Majesty’s Theatre, The Art Gallery of Western Australia and the Fremantle Train Station.

To complete this project, our Perth branch sent eight of their best painters and abseilers. These eight have been hard at work for the last four months, using precision and detail to ensure that the heritage building’s maintained they’re pre-existing glory.

In order to ensure this, we’ve worked within the Heritage Department Guidelines on an approved heritage colour scheme. This exciting project has come with its own unique set of challenges for our team to overcome.

As with any heritage repaint, great care must be taken to avoid damage to earlier paint layers. Additionally, this particular set of buildings had pre-existing lead paint, and required our team to work pretty tall heights with high wind speeds.

Though the project was rewarding, it came with its own set of complexities. Our team also had pedestrian interaction to grapple with — as one of Australia’s most significant retail precincts, Brookfield Place sees quite a bit of foot traffic!

The Higgins team anticipates a bright future for Brookfield Place, and we’re delighted to have been a part of its recent refresher!


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