4 steps to an effective commercial painting maintenance plan

Gerard Higgins |   March 23, 2021 at 10:10 PM

4 steps to an effective commercial painting maintenance plan

Commercial property and facilities managers are facing the familiar challenge of shrinking budgets as occupation rates undergo significant shifts. Despite cuts to maintenance, expectations are rising across tenants, visitors and the community for flexible spaces, hygienic surfaces, and pleasant living conditions.

Even in challenging times, first impressions count. Behind the scenes of well-maintained, fresh, clean surfaces in commercial buildings is a commercial painting maintenance plan that balances quality and cost while keeping tenant disruption at a minimum.

Here are four simple steps to a tailored painting maintenance schedule that adapts to difficult conditions and improves asset value.

Step 1: Make a painting maintenance plan to fit your budget

Start by using a building maintenance checklist to make a detailed list of everything that needs attention. Taking pictures with your smartphone is a simple way to record issues and helps with accurate quoting.

Commercial painting maintenance plans can run from four to 15 years; it’s key that forward planning matches your budget and resources. Proactive planning for whole-of-asset-life painting maintenance lets you spread costs over a longer period with peace of mind that your property’s appearance is maintained and adding to its value. 

When you’re in it for the long-term, our integrated maintenance solutions deliver optimal surface protection to your infrastructure. We don’t paint unless it’s necessary, use the highest quality finishes, and time and cost-saving technologies — critical on a tight budget.

Step 2: Identify pre-work before painting starts

Before any surfaces get a refresh, make a list of any pre-work that needs to be done to meet building code and get the best painting result. Make good on any door, wall or ceiling repairs or upgrades – there’s nothing worse than destroying a freshly painted surface for a repair job. 

Our building and specialised services team can take care of most repair and replacement jobs, and some minor electrical services on the spot, making it easier to stay on schedule and budget.

Step 3: Choose your painting company

There’s no shortage of painting companies out there and sorting the best from the rest is not always easy. 

Start by looking at some essentials. Do they have: 

  • occupational health and safety policies across accredited systems?
  • a positive industry reputation and track record for reliability?
  • a skilled and scalable team focused on safety?
  • industry-leading technology and equipment for professional, long-lasting finishes?
  • a dedicated team to support project management?
  • painting and maintenance plans to suit your unique needs and budget?

If a company doesn’t cover all these bases, you might want to keep looking for a perfect painting match. Once you’ve found a potential fit, do a detailed inspection of the property together to discuss your needs, expectations and budget. Look for a company that suggests strategies to optimise your maintenance program and reduce long-term painting costs.

When you choose your contractor, walk through the job again to confirm scope, costs and timeframes. Get everything confirmed in writing and check the contract for any unexpected surprises. 

Step 4: Manage the painting maintenance program

Good communication with your painting contractor helps get the most from your budget and avoid unexpected cost blowouts. 

Once the plan is ready to roll out and you’re starting the first project, it’s critical to maintain contact and provide constructive feedback to your painter. A good painting contractor will schedule regular meetings with you and other key stakeholders to keep you informed about the progress of your project. These frequent and frank conversations work to minimise any bumps in the road and drive cost-effective, professional outcomes.

Partners for painting commercial buildings

Developing and implementing an optimised painting maintenance plan is a challenge. We’re no strangers to complex, multi-site and heritage-listed commercial property maintenance that delivers peace of mind and boosts property value.

We’ve been on the brushes for over 70 years – we know our stuff when it comes to colour planning, design concepts and specialised coatings that support a stretched budget by looking good longer.

Make the right impression every time with Higgins.

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Originally published on 5 October 2015. Updated on 23 March 2021.