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How To Grow Your Strata Management Business With LinkedIn

Nicole Carbone |   April 5, 2018 at 10:41 AM

How to grow your strata management business with LinkedIn

If you think LinkedIn is an unnecessary networking site used only by those desperately seeking employment, you’re mistaken. It’s a leading online professional networking service that facilitates the exchange of ideas, shares valuable industry insights and presents career-advancing opportunities.

While referrals, introductions and recommendations are nothing new, the difference today is how social media has widened and exposed the talent pool. LinkedIn profiles combine resumes, websites, Facebook and blog posts, giving potential clients a holistic view of professionals they interact with.

Inventive individuals recognise LinkedIn as a productive and valuable business-growing resource. They use it to expand their knowledge, remain competitive and connect with industry peers. You’ve undoubtedly ensured your property portfolio has an online presence, but have you tapped into the immense benefits LinkedIn has to offer to Strata Management professionals?

Here are 4 ways LinkedIn can grow your strata management business.

1. Increasing online visibility 

If your website is search engine optimisation (SEO) compliant, it ranks first on a Google search. If you don’t have a website, do you know where your personal name sits on Google’s PageRank? Potential customers search online for individuals they want to work with, and most won’t look past the first page of Google.

Use LinkedIn actively, and you’ll increase your online visibility and page rank. The easier you make it for people to locate you and your online property portfolio, the higher your chances of procuring new customers.

2. Growing your network

When work is busy, it’s difficult to attend as many networking events as you’d like. With a LinkedIn profile, you can connect with thought leaders, like-minded professionals and companies with a single click.

A quick search reveals hundreds of professionals, who might be valuable connections. Networking events tend to be industry-specific with limited scope. On LinkedIn, you can connect with professionals from any industry at any time and begin your quest to obtain larger contracts and expand your property portfolio.

3. Keeping up-to-date

LinkedIn gives groups and individuals a platform to share knowledge and exchange ideas. Follow thought leaders and companies to learn about trends, or go directly to the learning tab and watch industry-specific videos to upskill yourself.

Various management and leadership courses are available, which are ideal if you’re thinking of starting your own strata business or improving your strata management style. The benefits of learning online are that you can do it at your leisure, and it’s free.

4. Providing free advertising

Have you thought of uploading your property portfolio to your LinkedIn profile? LinkedIn has introduced online portfolios, including photos, PDFs, presentations and websites. If you have any design work, projects, imagery or photographs – anything to display your work – then showcase it.

It’s a smart way for customers to see your work without having to ask. The more information you share, the better idea they’ll have about you and your work.  A well-presented profile gives you a professional edge and attracts potential customers.

To gain trust and respect in the industry, you can share your insights and offer advice in your LinkedIn community. Demonstrating your strengths will position you as an industry specialist and thought leader.

As a strata manager, your property portfolio should reflect sound management, an eye for detail and immaculate presentation. At Higgins, we make it easy for you by providing world-class building maintenance services. We take care of your buildings so you can focus on growing your online presence and expanding your customer base.

We have also produced a guide to assist you in conducting effective Strata Annual General Meetings. Download your copy of The Strata Manager's Must-Have Guide To Holding A Super-Effective Annual General Meeting.

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