The Best Business Communication Skills for Strata Managers

Gerard Higgins |   April 5, 2017 at 10:20 AM

The Best Business Communication Skills for Strata Managers

Clear communication is key to any successful working relationship. In the case of communication between strata managers and body corporate committees, this is critical. Poor communication between these two parties can lead to serious misunderstandings and expectations which are out of alignment.

Strata managers are expected to provide insights and advice, execute decisions, deal with admin and delegate certain matters to other professionals to carry out actions that are necessary for the overall wellbeing of the property. Strata managers are in constant contact with people, which means stellar business communication skills are vital, as are open lines of communication. Ultimately, it’s important to do everything in your power to keep misunderstandings at bay, so here are the best secrets to business communication to fulfil your strata management responsibilities:

Think before speaking

When it comes to great business communication skills, strata managers need to ensure that what they want to say is clearly thought out. Keeping calm and being able to diplomatically choose words could be the difference between fixing an issue and further misunderstandings, which in turn, create more problems. Learning to frame things in a positive way is a powerful skill to hone, which is why strata managers are advised to take a breath and think carefully about what they need to say.

Understand where the other person is coming from

With people management at the core of strata managers’ jobs, it’s vital they learn how to listen and how to put themselves in the proverbial shoes of the other person. Where are these people coming from? What are they trying to achieve with what they are saying to you and what is the best solution? The great thing for strata managers about by taking the time to understand where the other party is coming from, so to speak, they’re in a better position to act from the right place. This, is turn, helps to make their point of view easier to understand.

Choose positive over negative feedback

Strata managers who provide positive feedback coupled with constructive criticism tend to be more respected than those who don’t. Not only that, but people don’t respond well to negative, often confidence-shaking, feedback. Positive feedback and praise builds self-esteem and encourages growth which is why it’s so important strata managers embrace this form of communication.

Nip misunderstandings in the bud

It’s pivotal that strata managers quell the fire of any misunderstandings the minute they realise something has gone awry. Lines of communication need to be open at all times, allowing for clear communication as a preventative measure. It’s also important so that any issues can be openly discussed with strata managers, to ensure that they don’t escalate due to bad communication.

Solve disputes with maturity

Maturity, patience, diplomacy and a healthy dose of common sense are great skills for strata managers to hone. Dealing with people can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Identifying common ground, asking people to do something (instead of telling them), giving clear instructions and clearly outlining expectations are all great ways to ensure that strata managers are approachable and communicate what is needed to get the job done. By acting, and reacting in this way, you also set a precedent by leading as an example.

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