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Yarra Valley Grammar

When our Melbourne branch partnered with the staff at Yarra Valley Grammar, we knew we were investing in a long-term relationship with one of the finest educational institutions in Australia. In fact, our current project with the renowned private school will span, in total, eight years.

Currently, our team is the first year of this operation, which will eventually see a full external repaint to all of the buildings on campus. During the coming years, our crew will continue to maintain the property, and perform smaller refurbishments and jobs onsite, including internal repaints.

This long-term project is not our first with the Yarra Valley Grammar family; in recent years, we have completed a number of large jobs on their Ringwood campus, including a refurbishment of the newer buildings and a complete repaint of their auditorium.

When working on refurbishments in an educational setting, certain precautions and allowances must be made: safety is paramount, and tradespeople must be mindful of scheduling as well as OHS standards.

As always, our team has been taking these considerations very seriously— and the client has taken notice. We were thrilled to hear that the Yarra Valley Grammar corporate services manager said he “would happily recommend Higgins Coatings for other school work.”

We look forward to watching the students grow and learn as we continue to maintain their beloved school over the next eight years.

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