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Voyages Resort & Mutijulu Community Centre



At the centre of Australia, a rock the size of a mountain rises from the red sand. In the relentless sunshine of the Central Desert, it is a vibrant copper, stark against uninterrupted blue sky. As night falls, it famously glows in brilliant red. It is one of the icons of our country, a piece of land so steeped in history and symbolism that thousands of tourists cross the unforgiving outback just to catch a glimpse of the monolith.

Many travellers to Uluru spend their nights at Voyages Resort. Higgins has been working with the resort since 2014, when we completed our first external repaint of one of their elegant hotels. Since then, a number of additional works have been undertaken, including painting various resorts and pools. 

The red centre of Australia is among the most extreme climates in the world, with relentless sun and a parched, ovenlike heat hanging in the sky. These conditions are not kind to paint, but with the expertise of the technical support team at Wattyl, we worked to ensure that our coatings would withstand even the harshest outback days.

Our relationship with Voyages has utilised over 7,000 litres of paint, employed tradespeople and suppliers from all around the country, and most recently, provided new opportunities employment for local members of the community.

Apart from owning a number of hotels, Voyages runs an incredible program called the Mutitjulu Foundation. The Foundation sources funding for major projects in Aboriginal communities in the regions that surround Uluru.

Last year, we were proud to join forces with the Mutitjulu Foundation, Australian Regional & Remote Community Services (ARRCS) and Anangu Jobs to renovate the respite centre, ‘Mutitjulu Community Place. This project supported both the employment and training of members of the local community. Local apprentices worked alongside the Higgins’ trade team, building new friendships as well as a beautiful new community centre. The finished product will provide social and health support to the local community, with services including private counselling and nutritional coaching.

Our company is devoted to giving back to our community and providing equal opportunities for all Australians. This project was a privilege for Higgins.

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