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The Strand

Located in the Heart of North Wollongong, The Strand lives only a short walk away from Wollongong's main beach. The building, which is home to a range of residential tenants, is subjected to significant foot traffic on a daily basis. Such is the need for the structure to maintain a pristine level of appearance. 

In recent times, the building's look had become faded and lacked the polish required to stand out in this picturesque area. Not helping with the look of the building, was the salinisation that had begun to degrade the coating system on the building's exterior. To overcome this issue, the body corporate engaged our Wollongong Team to perform a full external repaint.   

Abseil-painters were required to complete the main façade areas, and all balcony areas required access internally from within each unit. After 12 weeks on-site, we had successfully lifted the look of this building.

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