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St Mary's College

St Mary's College is South Australia's oldest Girls' school, with facilities dating back to the 1870s. Over the years, Higgins has cultivated a strong ongoing partnership with the school and has provided consistent servicing to the facilities. For this project, the facilities manager engaged our Adelaide team to undergo extensive internal works not only when it came to painting but also rendering and flooring.

Our team provided thorough colour consultation in the early stages of the project to select a palette that would complement the heritage design of the buildings. An array of Dulux paints were applied to various surfaces after considering how sheen and finish would affect the final look. 

We safely accessed higher parts of the school's grand staircase using scaffolding. It proved to be a difficult task given the space limitations and safety requirements but our team was up to the task. For other areas, we had to coordinate a works schedule with other contractors, allowing us to complete the project within the specified timeframe.

The result brought a 'wow' factor for staff, visitors and parents.

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