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As a national company offering a local service, our knowledge gives us great scope to deliver projects in metropolitan and regional locations. Higgins has a wealth of experience, skilled professionals and financial stability, which gives you the security and certainty that your project expectations will always be met. Our proven processes continue to deliver great results with outstanding consistency.  

Rundle Street

Rundle Street is ubiquitous throughout Adelaide, and operates as a Hub for entertainment, dining and shopping alike.  When several heritage buildings within this metropolitan thoroughfare required repainting, predictably, the Adelaide branch of Higgins was engaged.  

The project was not without challenges however, the age of the buildings varied, traffic control was a requirement and this all had to be achieved while dealing with a diverse range of tenants. Further to this, verandas were required in some areas, as well as an EWP along the main strip.

The works were completed within their entirety after four weeks, and the customers were left highly satisfied.