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Riverside Christian College

Riverside Christian College is a co-educational school located on the bank of the Mary River that offers an education for students from Preparatory through to Year 12.  Our Wide Bay branch was happy to apply their expertise to the school and provide an ongoing painting solution that satisfies their needs.

Our crew recently begun the first phase of a seven-year maintenance plan at the College focusing on two key problem areas.  The blocks that received a layer of paint in this iteration, considered balustrading, railings and stairs.  

Given the timing of school holidays, our painters had to work closely to a deadline to ensure that the final product would be ready for upcoming tours for potential students.  Through scrupulous project management, we were able to complete the work for this year and look forward to addressing further areas in the years to come!

“It was a pleasure working with Higgins over the Christmas break. Presentation at our college is very important. The communication between myself and the management of Higgins was hassle free and all jobs were completed without a fuss.  The painters were very easy to work with and went above and beyond in their set tasks.  Appreciated the fine-tooth approach when it came to the quality of work.  I would recommend Higgins to any business looking for a smooth transaction and a quality job.” – Property Manager 

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