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Riverside Building Atrium

Higgins was engaged to perform an internal repaint to the atrium of the Riverside Building in North Terrace, Adelaide. The unique architectural design of the facility posed a key question for our operations team - how do you repaint a 35 metre, 10 storey atrium without the use of scaffolding?

After pondering the challenge for some time our operations team suggested performing a trial with a specialised 'SuperElevate' Spider Boom, which the customer was happy to do. After successfully demonstrating the capability of the SuperElevate machine, we returned a proposal to the customer that included hire of the machine for the duration of the project.

Over a three-month period, working consecutive night and weekend shifts, managing safe work exclusion zones to protect multiple trades conducting fit-out works, we were able to deliver a successful outcome for our customer and end users. Our problem-solving and ability to deliver a safe solution thrilled the customer.

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