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North Cottesloe Primary School

North Cottesloe Primary School is a coeducational primary school located within Cottesloe. Over the previous Christmas Holiday break the facilities were upgraded with a refurbishment project.

Higgins was engaged to perform the repainting works within this upgrade project, working in conjunction with a flooring contractor. The scope of works featured an internal repaint with a colour change on the classroom entry doors. We determined the colour palette for the entry doors by matching the coloured carpet tiles as evidenced in the photos below. 

Our repainting project spanned for two weeks with up to eight painters on site at any one time - delivering the project on-time and in budget. 

"The team at Higgins go above and beyond, from competitive quotes to advice and friendly service. The work was extraordinarily well done and the team at Higgins were easily able to accommodate the schools needs and timeframes. Even after all the work was completed they did the final walkthrough to make sure we were completely satisfied with the job."

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