Our Projects

Luther College

Luther College were struggling to find a painting company to take on their complex Chapel project, which involved repainting the interior of the chapel ceiling, metal space frame, under croft, columns, doors and frames. Higgins stepped in to discuss and suggest various solutions after another school that was happy with our work recommended us.

The height and design of the roof provided a real challenge in accessing the ceiling and space frame. Erecting scaffold would have cost over $50K, so we consulted an engineer to see if the space frame could support an abseiling painter. With the advice that this was possible if the weight was kept to a minimum, this is what our abseil team did achieving fantastic results and saving our client $50K on the job. The balance of the project was completed within the timeframe utilising 7 smaller custom built scaffolds and the client was delighted with the results in more ways than one.

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