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As a national company offering a local service, our knowledge gives us great scope to deliver projects in metropolitan and regional locations. Higgins has a wealth of experience, skilled professionals and financial stability, which gives you the security and certainty that your project expectations will always be met. Our proven processes continue to deliver great results with outstanding consistency.  

Horton Apartments

The Horton Apartments in Maroochydore offer a mix of residential and tourist accommodation and exist only minutes away from a diverse selection of retail and fine-dining options. Given the location of this building, having a well-maintained appearance goes a long way to entice holiday goers. To maintain the look of this structure, the presiding strata company, Whittles, engaged Higgins to perform a significant external repaint of 140 apartments.

Higgins was selected over competitors due to our nuanced project plan that we presented to the strata committee prior to commencing. This included a range of preventative measures to stop any contaminants reaching the nearby waterway.

The project spanned for four months, with an operations team that fluctuated in size, with anywhere between 8-12 of our tradespersons on-site at any time. A key challenge throughout this project was the need to mitigate risk and minimise disruption to a high volume of pedestrians. However, our consistent and concise communication enabled us to overcome this challenge.

We applied a colour change to ensure that the building's appearance would not degrade back to its previous state. The finish has brought compliments from residents, who have noted that the building has a new lease of life