As a national company offering a local service, our knowledge gives us great scope to deliver projects in metropolitan and regional locations. Higgins has a wealth of experience, skilled professionals and financial stability, which gives you the security and certainty that your project expectations will always be met. Our proven processes continue to deliver great results with outstanding consistency.  

Bulla Dairy Colac

Bulla Dairy is one of the oldest family brands in Australia, with its industrial factory now operating out of Colac. Given the family-owned-and-operated nature of Higgins, there is a synergy between our companies. Our Geelong Team was engaged to help to refresh the facility on Murray St.

Council permits were required prior to works commencing. Access equipment was utilised to safely access the façades, while pedestrian management measures were taken to maintain the safety of the public.

The scope of works included a full washdown before repainting the surfaces in Bulla’s branded colour scheme. The regional location of the facility was successfully project managed without any issues.