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75 Waterway Drive

Our Gold Coast team were recently engaged to help rejuvenate the commercial property complex at 75 Waterway Drive Coomera. The complex is home to a range of different tenants, though the external substrates' branding was dictated by the Maritimo Properties who own the facilities. 

Our team liaised with ColourCrew, a colour consultant company, to determine an appropriate colour palette for the facility. After presenting to the customer and achieving buy-in our operations team of three separate crews commenced the work. 

The repaint included a colour change and required a full-time foreman to oversee all works. Prior to the application of any paint, we performed various remedial repairs to concrete, paint blisters, delamination of texture and rust spots. To safely access all areas, we utilised a 60 ft EWP and a 34 foot EWP. 

The painting project was largely successful in restoring life into the facilities, with the client noting how impressed they were with our ability to work in and around tenants whose operations continued throughout. 

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