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As a national company offering a local service, our knowledge gives us great scope to deliver projects in metropolitan and regional locations. Higgins has a wealth of experience, skilled professionals and financial stability, which gives you the security and certainty that your project expectations will always be met. Our proven processes continue to deliver great results with outstanding consistency.  

Portsea Village Grange

“The attention to detail and follow up on weekly meetings meant this project was successful and with minimum inconvenience during the six month period. We can recommend working with Higgins Coatings for a successful project.”  Irene Osborne General Manager Portsea Village Grange

What began as an upgrade to the external façade with cleaning and repainting, grew in scope and complexity to include carpentry repairs and a lighting upgrade with an emphasis on LED and 600lm lighting. We were also awarded the removal of the old roof and replacement with a new Colorbond Ultra roof, as painting the existing roof was impractical due to its demise in the harsh coastal environment and access requirements. As an operational conference centre and holiday destination, it provided a real challenge to meet the upgrade needs whilst ensuring noise was kept to a minimum and a clean as possible environment was maintained. We approached this by liaising with the full-time Manager each day to determine which areas we could work late in and which apartments had anticipated arrivals. We met all the challenges with thorough planning and essential flexibility.