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Charlestown Square

Charlestown Square is a major regional shopping centre in the heart of Charlestown.  The centre, which boasts two stories and over 170 stores, is the largest shopping centre in the Hunter region.  It is vitally important for a retail outlet of such magnitude to maintain its appearance to customers.  This created the need for the external repainting works that Higgins recently carried out.

The project was carried out by our nearby Newcastle branch, and entailed an exterior repaint of the main entrance, and rear loading dock walls.  Significant washing was also required to help freshen up the terrazzo wall.  The works were featured upon a variety of surfaces, including; steel, brick, FC sheeting, weatherboards and pre-finished sheet metal.  

The project featured a couple of key challenges.  Firstly, given the need of the retail outlet to remain operational, extensive hours had to be scheduled after hours to avoid any potential disruptions.  Access issues were also problematic, however the utilisation of EWP's enabled us to overcome these.  


“We approached Higgins with a project brief to recoat some external façade on our asset that was located above an operational loading dock and pedestrian entrance. Higgins successfully developed and implemented a project methodology that provided both a safe work area and zero impact to our daily operations. The end product achieved the brief on time and on budget and looks great too! Thank you, Higgins.”

Capital Works Project Manager