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How a painting budget can save you money

Higgins Coatings |   May 6, 2016 at 8:39 AM

How a painting budget can save you money

Building managers will know from first-hand experience that unexpected issues and costs can arise at any time, from general maintenance problems to urgent building repairs. With so many tasks that need attention, it's easy to forget about having a property repainted. But by preparing a dedicated painting budget in advance, you can save money and ensure that your paintwork is always in good condition, rather than waiting until a new coat is an absolute necessity.

Preparing a painting budget

Paintwork doesn’t need to be one of the unexpected expenses that building managers have to deal with. By preparing a painting budget ahead of time, it’s possible to know exactly how much money must be allocated to the job each year, which takes all of the guesswork and surprises out of the question.

It’s best to consult with professional painting contractors first, who will thoroughly inspect your property. Using their expertise, the contractors will be able to consider various factors that affect the painting cost, like the condition of the existing paintwork, the type of surfaces being painted and what type of paint should be used.

Crucially, preparing a painting budget ahead of time could save you money on the overall costs. It may seem logical that the lowest-cost option would be to hire contractors to apply a cheap coat of paint every couple of years when the building visibly needs it. But this is actually likely to cost more since the paint itself is only a fraction of what contractors charge.

The biggest painting costs

Every time a property is repainted, the biggest costs are in the form of labour, access costs and safety gear.

The accessibility of the site will also greatly affect how much the job costs. For example, if the property is in a high traffic area, then there will be containment costs. And depending on the scope of the painting project, there will be an additional cost for scaffolding or specialised abseilers.

In short, the cost of the paint itself is only a drop in the bucket, so it’s worth investing in the right paint product upfront. A more durable product will require fewer touch-ups, and annual painting maintenance can then be scheduled to ensure the lifespan of the painting while still minimising cost.

How to choose a contractor

As we said, it's a good idea to consult with professional painting contractors when preparing your painting budget. Look for a painting company that can help you create a comprehensive plan for protecting painted surfaces from premature deterioration, ensuring that your property looks great for years to come. By preserving the structural and cosmetic integrity of a property, you can eliminate the need for costly ad hoc painting and repairs, ensuring you stick to your painting budget each year.

Your paintwork is an investment that needs protecting to ensure the ongoing appearance of your building and reduce future expenses. Learn how to keep your paintwork looking fresh for longer with our handy guide to painting maintenance.

Maintaining Your Painted Property

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