As a national company offering a local service, our knowledge gives us great scope to deliver projects in metropolitan and regional locations. Higgins has a wealth of experience, skilled professionals and financial stability, which gives you the security and certainty that your project expectations will always be met. Our proven processes continue to deliver great results with outstanding consistency.  

Toowoomba Grammar

125 kilometres from Brisbane sits Toowoomba, a charming city known for its Carnival of Flowers and unique Cobb & Company Museum. The city is also home to Toowoomba Grammar, a prestigious boys school currently educating 1250 students, 300 of
which board on campus. In 2014, Higgins  embarked on a seven-year plan  with the institute, which is situated on 52 acres of land and includes 40 buildings and structures. Over the course of these seven years, each building is given external and internal paint jobs.

The Higgins team certainly had their work cut out for them, but every challenge thus far has been tackled beautifully. The school is certainly not comprised of new buildings; it opened its doors in 1875. Extra care and consideration by our team has been crucial in maintaining the schools historic charm. A full-time foreman is onsite every week of the year and works closely with the maintenance manager, ensuring continued professional and safe work. 

Though working around the always-changing scheduling of a bustling school can be difficult, it is a task our team has enjoyed. Though large works were completed over school holidays, the students have certainly become used to seeing our painters on their campus.

“ Right from the onset, we have found Higgins to be very responsive and accommodation to our expectations and needs. Their work is first rate and they are very proactive in the execution of the program.

We would recommend Higgins to any prospective client."
- Chief Financial Officer, Toowoomba Grammar